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About Company.

About Glassjet with a manufacturing facility of over 100,000 sqft and operations running since 2008, Glass Jet Industries (GJI) is your go-to for a wide spectrum of glass processing and manufacturing services as well as Aluminum works. Our extensive experience allows us to cover a wide-range of clients such as commercial buildings, offices, stores, factories, machinery and many more. We are proud to be one of the most trusted in our field in the country as we have completed projects across the nation with the help of our own highly skilled engineers and team members

Our ability to customize and shape our products to adapt to specific needs, applications or requirements gives us a significant competitive edge. Glass Jet Industries has always been committed to providing superior quality at a competitive price through the use of the latest technologies, as well as striving to provide the highest quality products, craftsmanship and finishes. Understanding customer requirements, high-quality products and punctual implementation have helped us gain a firm understanding of the industry


About Us

Why choose us.


Through our commitment to quality, we focus on small areas of the production process and make sure any project is carried out with utmost care and through proper management by our loyal employees

Comprehensive list of services

Our qualified team with undeniable creativity have proposed innovative and practical products to match the changing face of the world

Execution & Capacity

Our large facility and systematic approach allows us to deliver projects within reasonable timeframes

Client Oriented

We communicate regularly with our clients and demonstrate complete transparency to understand their requirements and meet their needs

Statement of Ethics
  • At Glass Jet Industries L.L.C, ethical conduct and legal compliance are the foundation for our position as an industry leader in the glass and glazing industry. Glass Jet Industries L.L.C ability is to maintain its leadership position in the industry requires each employee to maintain the highest level of integrity when interacting with vendors, customers and each other.
  • Glass Jet Industries L.L.C maintains certain policies to guide its employees with respect to standards of conduct expected in all areas where improper activities could damage the Company’s reputation and otherwise result in serious adverse consequences to the company and its employees.
  • Discrimination, harassment, unfair business practices and proper use of the company assets are just a few of the areas in which ethical conduct is a must. It is the responsibility of each employee to foster an environment of integrity, honesty, respect & trust.
  • It is with the efforts of all the employees in these areas Glass Jet Industries L.LC will stay ahead of the industry Standards.